How is it already August? It feels like only a couple of weeks ago I was putting together the list of titles that were due to come out in 2014, and now here we are again!

2015 stands to be a pretty important year for Men-at-Arms - as it sees the 500th title in the series published. I have already revealed what Men-at-Arms 500 will be (and how you influenced the choice of title) - so I wont spend too much time discussing it, but we are all pretty excited to see the landmark title on the horizon!

But what else do we have in store for Men-at-Arms fans in 2015? Lets have a look!


Men-at-Arms 498: The Spanish Civil War 1936-39 (2) Republican Forces (Jan 2015)

Men-at-Arms 499: Armies of the War of the Triple Alliance 1864-70 (March 2015)

Men-at-Arms 500: Armies of Castille and Aragon 1370-1516 (April 2015)

Men-at-Arms 501: Armies of the Greek-Turkish War 1919-22 (July 2015)

Men-at-Arms 502: Byzantine Naval Forces 1261-1461 (August 2015)

Men-at-Arms 503: Hitler's Russian and Cossack Allies 1941-45 (October 2015)


So, that is what we have in store for the Men-at-Arms series in 2015. Keep an eye open for more series previews over the coming weeks!