It is a massive year for the fledgling Osprey Games team, and the wargaming books that they have lined up reflect that.

The popular Bolt Action series, produced in collaboration with Warlord Games, continues to expand, with three titles in the new line of Theatre Books:

Bolt Action 10: Ostfront: Barbarossa to Berlin (February 2015)

Bolt Action 11: Empire in Flames: The Pacific and the Far East (June 2015)

Bolt Action 12: Germany Strikes!: Early War in Europe (October 2015)


The title of this next project speaks for itself, and more information will be revealed in due course.

Bolt Action: World War I (September 2015)


Then, something a little different, from one of our former blog masters no less – Joseph McCullough (now the head of our Osprey Adventures team) has crafted an exciting new set of fantasy skirmish rules that sees rival wizards and their henchmen fighting over long-lost magical secrets and artefacts in the frozen ruins of a once-great city…

Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City (March 2015)


Then we have the third book in the Across a Deadly Field series:

Across a Deadly Field 3: The War in the West (May 2015)


And last, but certainly not least, the phenomenally successful Osprey Wargames series welcomes another three titles to its fold:

Osprey Wargames 9: Fighting Sail – Fleet Actions 1775-1815 (May 2015)

Osprey Wargames 10: Black Ops – Tactical Espionage Wargaming (September 2015)

Osprey Wargames 11: Honours of War – Wargames Rules for the Seven Years’ War (November 2015)


That’s it for the wargaming side of things, at any rate… Autumn/Winter 2015 will see the launch of the first games in Osprey Games’ new range of board and card games. While it’s a little soon to announce these, rest assured that the elves are hard at work, and that there will be lots more news coming soon!