Here at Osprey, we decided that sticking to books was encumbering us with needless limitations.

There are so many other avenues with which to explore military history!

We wanted to branch out into different media. Film, theatre and performance dance were all mooted, until the editorial and marketing teams settled on music as our latest project.

So without further ado, we present to you 'Fife & Drum', an extraordinary collection of military tunes from throughout the ages.

Fife and Drum.2

From the 'Koeniggraetzer March' to 'It's a Long Way to Tipperary', all your favourites are on there. What's more, if you quote the reference 'OspreyJams' whilst you order your 'Fife & Drum' collection, you will receive a fantastic bonus disc - the 21st in the collection - 'Raving Private Ryan'!

'Raving Private Ryan' is a top quality assortment of techno and house remixes of all the best war film soundtracks, an absolute must have for any military music fanatic.

Our 20-disc collection is just £50 for a limited time only! Make sure you take advantage of this ridiculously good offer and buy now!