In a display of sheer sporting magnificence, the Osprey team engaged in some rather hilarious physical challenges in aid of Sports Relief.

First up was a frenetically paced sack race. Several key personnel passed late fitness tests to take part, ensuring that the spectacle was as competitive as billed. A tightly contested affair, the race saw Ally Jones of Finance fame eventually nose in front and cross the line, just pipping bookies favourite Tom Milner to the post.

Our next, and final event (remember we are supposed to make books and so couldn't take too much time out) was the real showpiece - the egg & spoon race. With reputations on the line and hysterical fans looking on, this race was even closer than the first. Tom Milner struck back and claimed the prize for first place in a display that can only be described as majestic. Tom showed pace, power and passion to steal past the finishing line, though he was run close by promising outsider Rebecca Flynn, also of finance, who rounded off a good overall performance from the number crunchers.

I leave you with a selection of photos from the games. Games so epic that MD Richard Sullivan was moved to tears, declaring the events reminiscent of London 2012. It should be mentioned that a great Osprey bake-off also took place, with Joanna Whawell winning for her exquisite white chocolate cupcakes with raspberry butter icing. Rebecca F's gambit for personal glory continued unabated as she shared second place with Abi Pukaniuk, for the creation of a fabulous flapjack and a resplendent red velvet cake, respectively.


Tom 'lightning' Milner displaying the verve and zest for life that have come to typify his performances over the years. Ally 'skills' Jones is just out of shot, burning the turf triumphantly.


Milner showing great close control as Joe McCullough looks at his fallen egg forlornly. Rebecca F going through the gears with a frightening turn of acceleration.



The crowd look on, scarcely able to conceal their excitement.

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