We've some excellent news to share with you - the birth of a new, digital Osprey series: 'Guide to...'.

With this series we're re-releasing our Essential Histories volumes, squeezed down into very neat digital eBooks!

The digital production, editorial and marketing teams have worked round the clock to launch the series  and we're very proud of our new range.

Just like Essential Histories, 'Guide to...' titles are ideal for building a broad, but comprehensive picture of a particular war, or major theatre of war. They cover both civilian and military perspectives, and investigate the origins of conflicts, the way the fighting was conducted, and the wider political impact they have.

At just 99p ($1.47), they are perfect for expanding your knowledge whilst on the go. Just download a copy on your eReader, and unfold a world of information on subjects from ancient world wars to modern!

They are the perfect, pocket guides to history's most important conflicts - so head on to the Amazon Kindle store and grab a copy now.