Now we know we've been harping on about the new website for a while. Developments are reaching a stage that is getting us pretty excited and more than a few of our maketing folk have been purring at what they've seen.

Now, we need a favour from you, beloved fans...

We need some of you to serve as remote BETA testers of the new website.

You won't need to go anywhere or do anything taxing - simply test drive the functionality of our site from the comfort of your own home!

We want you to explore all the functions of our new online home, from the purchasing process to the interactive stuff such as the forum, blog, book suggestions and book vote.

This is to make sure they are all working smoothly, so that we can iron out any glitches and get the site in tip top shape when it launches.  We also want to know what you think of the look and feel of our digi-domain - it's important!

We need ten volunteers. Apart from getting an exclusive peek at our brand new website, we'll be offering a book of your choice from this month's releases as payment for our services! All we need from you are your email address and your current Osprey username sent to the [email protected] inbox

The test will occur early in June, so what do you say - will you help us out?!