This photograph, taken in 1944 during the Bougainville Campaign, pictures American Allied Forces pursuing Japanese soldiers that had infiltrated American lines.




Today in 1944, during the Bougainville campaign (Operation Cherry Blossom) Japanese Forces undertook a major counterattack against the Ohio 37th Infantry Division on Hill 700, in a battle that lasted 5 days.

At the centre of the American perimeter Hill 700 dwarfed the surrounding area; with its clear view of the airfield it was fundamental to the American defences. The main attack began before dawn on March 9th and continued with fierce fighting over the coming days. By March 12th the Japanese had made significant advances into the American lines however this infiltration was suppressed by two waves of medium then light American tanks, and infantry troops who provided close support to the tanks. The Japanese army suffered extensive losses and withdrew its soldiers' from the immediate vicinity.

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