Wow, somehow Friday has crept up on us once again. Naturally we have another list for you to eviscerate, dispute or concur with as you see fit!

This one is a bit of a departure from what we usually do, and it ties in to the recent and joyous birth of Osprey Games. Phil Smith, the Saruman of Osprey Games, has furnished me with a list of his favourite military boardgames.

He was anxious to point out that these are his favourite boardgames, and are by no means objectively 'The Best'. But as Dark Overlord and supreme Games Master, I would dispute whether there is any difference!

So without further ado, please check out:

Phil’s Top 5

1.) Diplomacy

Forget Risk, this one has it all – sweeping military conquest, negotiation and backstabbing. It’s one of those rare games that’s almost as fun to play by (e)mail as it is in person (which also caters to its somewhat exhausting duration).

Check it out!

 2.) Escape From Colditz

Definitely military-themed, if not a war game per se, this was the game of choice for rainy lunchtimes at school. Running around hunting for forged papers and wire cutters, while avoiding German patrols was far more fun than it should have been!

More here

 3.) Battleship

Got a spare 15 minutes? Want to blow up stuff? Battleship is the game for you! A staple of gamer shelves and pub collections alike, this simple game has deceptively high replay value. Over a long period, if not in the same evening…

Take a look

4.) Britannia

As a rule of thumb, gaming a battle is good, gaming a whole war is better, and gaming a thousand years of invasions, conquests and fierce defences is the best. Such is the case with Britannia, which takes players through the military history of Britain from the Romans to the Normans.

More info on Britannia here

 5.) Chess

It really has to be included, doesn’t it? The daddy of them all.

On the very off chance that you are unfamiliar with Chess, click here.

 Honourable Mentions

Axis and Allies


Junta (if you can make it through the rules…)


So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the choices of the Games Master himself! What are you favourite military boardgames?