This amazing colour plate is one of three we received today from Steve Noon. The book that this fabulous trio will appear in is a Campaign title, Cherbourg 1944, which is out in March 2015


The glare here is due to the protective laminate casing reflecting the harsh office lighting that keeps us working hard at Osprey Towers.


Steve_Noon_New_ArtworkII - Copy


Here we have a close up of the illustration, showing the weary infantry on the right and the grim-faced Panzer crews presumable preparing to defend the town. 

And finally...

michael and the new artwork


This was the moment in which I first opened the binder containing the images. My admiration for Steve Noon's illustrations is no secret around the office, ever since I was unable to contain myself when I saw the cover art for Kursk: The Northern Front. As you can see, I was equally gleeful here, which my colleague Emily Heagerty had slyly anticipated and readied her camera for!

I can promise you that the other two plates are as good if not better. What do you think of this one?

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