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We want to know something.

We want to know who would be interested in contributing to our ‘This week in history’ section on the website?

We know that there are certain key occurrences that stand out on particular dates, and that these are very appropriate for articles of that kind. The set we have up there already were added with that in mind.

But we also know that understanding of history is changing all the time, with new discoveries, perspectives and interpretations surfacing from a whole community of professional historians and enthusiasts.

As such, there is rarely ever one event on any given date that can be said to overshadow everything else that has preceded or followed it.

Over the years, we have been proud and overjoyed to have a fanbase that not only get a lot out of our books, but that can also tell us a thing or two from their own impressive knowledge, research and experience. We have learnt some fascinating things that our fans have dug up and illuminated from obscurity. For example the debate on history’s coldest battle brought to light the Battle of Siachen Glacier, something I knew nothing about previously.

So we want to know whether or not there are people out there who fancy contributing to our site? You would of course be properly cited, and we would like to ensure a balance of contributors. We are certain that our readers could offer us new and well-written insights into historical events! Please, let us know if you are interested.