Only a couple more of our key military series to go now (although stay tuned for Osprey Adventures and Osprey Games news in a couple of days too). But before we get ahead of ourselves, lets delve into the list of Warrior titles that we have in place for 2015. I know at least one of these has already received a rather rapturous welcome on our forums...

Warrior 174: British Paratrooper 1940-45 (January 2015)

Warrior 175: Roman Legionary AD 284-337: The age of Diocletian and Constantine the Great (April 2015)

Warrior 176: Patriot Militiaman in the American War Of Independence 1775-82 (June 2015)

Warrior 177: Rhodesian Light Infantryman 1961-80 (November 2015)


Next up - the one I know many of you have been waiting for - the Campaign series!