We all know wars and conflict comprise a huge amount of historical study. The boundaries between military history and more general history often overlap, as wars have had such a significant and long-lasting impact on human society.

The study of military tactics, technology and psychology is almost as old as warfare itself - as well as being of historical interest and significance, those in the business of making war would find it to their advantage to have some knowledge of previous conflict.


The Art of War in Tangut Script

 There are untold multitudes of people with at least some knowledge and interest in wars, especially the relatively recent ones.

 But for us, Osprey fans, authors, employees, academics, collectors, hobbyists - the passion for military history goes further. I can only speak for myself, but it's a passion that definitely borders on obsession. So what is it that fascinates us so?

 I would love to hear what you think about this. Please get in touch and let me know what started your love of military history, and why you continue to pursue it!

There are so many different elements to the subject:

 Some of us love the technology and the hardware: the planes, tanks, guns, ships, catapults, siege engines and plate armour that have shaped the outcome of battles throughout the ages.

 Some of us are drawn to the 'big picture': strategy, the broad strokes, and the political impact and influence of conflict.

 Others are interested in the human experience of war, the thoughts, memories, actions and capabilities of the average soldier, or else those of the famous commanders.

 There are a thousand more facets to military history than these, and endless variations even in the ones I've listed.

 So I'm asking a question of everybody, enthusiasts, authors, illustrators, employees and academics:

 What drives us to give up countless hours of our free time to consume information in microscopic detail about our given area of interest? 

 What keeps your love of military history burning?