This deal has been a few months in the building, but today we can exclusively announce that Lego and Osprey have teamed up to create a range of playsets based on some of our most iconic artwork, with sets ranging from set piece Greek battles and Roman battleships through to rampaging pirates, towering siege engines and dogfighting fighters.

It is still very early days, but a couple of prototype sets have already been created, along with some stand-in box art possibilities... and we have to say it is all looking rather awesome already.

Fans of the Raid series may recognize the scene on the first version of the box art below!

Osprey_Legoo pirateship.740[1]


Can you guess what it is yet? That's right, it is based on one of the battlescenes from Raid 37 Blackbeard's Last Fight - Pirate Hunting in North Carolina 1718, to be precisie it is the artwork depicting Blackbeard's final battle off Ocracoke on the 22nd November 1718. And considering this is still a prototype, it is a rather accurate representation of the original artwork!



The Rights, Copyright and Business Development Supervisor, April Monatserste enthused that 'this is just the beginning - with literally thousands of potential pieces of artwork to work with we expect this relationship to continue for a long time''.

Alongside this piractical collection we are spreading the net far and wide for other pieces of inspiration. To date three other pieces of art have been handpicked and approved for prototype development, a process that has taken nearly four months. The artworks we finally settled on are below:






For all the boring information about this awesome project of awesomeness you can find full details here.

And in conclusion we thought we should also leave you with this. Just because.