For our December book vote we have decided to focus on World War II topics, bringing you titles across a number of different series to choose from.

NVG: Precision-Guided Munitions of World War II
MAA: WWII Allied Battlefield Medics
DUE: British Battleship vs Italian Battleship: Mediterranean 1940-43
WAR: US Navy Seaman 1941-45
FOR: Czechoslovak Border Fortifications

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Last month's Book Vote was looking at the Elite series. Let's see how the voting turned out.

ELI: 19th Century Colonial Warfare 28%
ELI: North American Forest Warfare Tactics 16th-18th Centuries 26%
ELI: Italian Fascist Organizations 1940-45 18%
ELI: World War II Combat Equipments: USSR, Japan & Italy 17%
ELI: Vietnam War Boobytrap Tactics 11%

A close fought one this month, with 19th Century Colonial Warfare and North American Forest Warfare Tactics 16th-18th Centuries battling for the top spot! Which did you vote for? Let us know in the comments section below!