Wondering which of our September releases you should pick up? Perhaps this quiz can help. We've asked the editors for one question drawn from each military history book published this month, giving you the chance to test your knowledge on these fascinating subjects!


Just in case you need to brush up on your knowledge here are the books in the order they appeared in the quiz.

Q1 - American Knights

Q2 - Duel 69: US Navy Carrier Aircraft vs IJN Yamato Class Battleships

Q3 - New Vanguard 225: Republican Roman Warships 509 - 27 BC

Q4 - Combat Aircraft 112: Luftwaffe Mistel Composite Bomber Units

Q5 - New Vanguard 224: Polish Armor of the Blitzkrieg

Q6 - Campaign 286: Catalaunian Fields AD 451

Q7 - Finland at War