Amongst the hundreds of exhibitions and events planned this year to commemorate the bicentennial, one in particular promises to be excellent. In Belgium, at the Musee Wellington, Napoleon and Wellington will finally meet!

The Musee Wellington is located in Waterloo, the small town that lent its name to one of history's most famous, and most decisive battles. From the From the 21st March till 31st July the 'Shared Destinies' exhibition will stage a meeting of sorts for the two great adversarial commanders of the Battle of Waterloo, who never actually met face-to-face, by displaying their possessions together.

Items such as Wellington's plume and frock will be loaned to the Museum from Britain.

So those of you who live in the vicinity, or are planning a holiday to Belgium at around that time, pencil in some time to visit!

This year truly is Waterloo season, and we'll be keeping you abreast of the various events and commemorations taking place. We've also got several promising books coming out, offering fresh perspectives on the battle, including the upcoming Campaign 277 (Ligny), part of an exciting trilogy by John Franklin.