Last month we published the brilliant The Battle of Waterloo: A Series of Accounts by A Near Observer (and if you want to go with the entire subtitle you should add "1815 with Circumstantial Details, Previous and After the Battle from a variety of Authentic and Original Sources") - and it is generating quite a buzz, with a number of newspaper articles and an upcoming TV appearance scheduled in (more on that when we have it).

The book is a facsimile reproduction of of book that was first published in the months after the Battle of Waterloo and provides a unique insight into how the battle was viewed in its immediate aftermath. The story behind the discovery of the book is pretty amazing too, it was brought to our attention by Simon Adams, who discovered the leather-bound original in his mother's attic. You can read the full story about how the book came to light here.

But this is only one of five books we are publishing to co-incide with the 200th anniversary of Waterloo.

9781472803634_39781472803665_1_1_1_1_1_1_2In our more traditional style we have three Campaign titles on Waterloo - all by John Frankin and illustrated by Gerry Embleton. CAM 276 Waterloo 1815 (1) Quatre Bras came out last November, CAM 277 Waterloo 1815 (2) Ligny came out in February and CAM 280 Waterloo 1815 (3) Mont St Jean and Wavre is now available to pre-order and is out in June. This is one of the most ambitious multi-volume series productions we have ever done at Osprey. Although it may not rival the total number of books in some of our mini-series, it is the fastest publication schedule for a multi-volume set we have ever produced - with barely seven months between the publication of the first book in the set and the final book in the set - the culmination of close to three years work from the author, illustrator, editors and sales and marketing teams here at Osprey.



And then there is the crown jewel - the lavishly illustrated, hardbacked, slipcased Waterloo - The Decisive Victory edited by the author of our Peninsular War Atlas, Nick Lipscombe and officially endorsed by Waterloo 200. In the style of our Companion titles Waterloo - The Decisive Victory contains ten articles from internationally renowned historians which examine the battle from different angles, from the fighting at Hougoumont to a more zoomed out look at the 100-day campaign in its entirety.

Not a bad batch of books to replace the venerable Campaign 15 Waterloo 1815: The Birth of modern Europe