“As a weapon, the flamethrower exercises far more power over than it can actually deliver in reality. It exploits our most primeval fears and, when mounted in a tank, becomes a formidable psychological threat”. A quote from the book there, which highlights the psychological distress experienced when coming into contact with the Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower.

Check out this video which shows the Crocodile in action and how damaging the effects could be. (Credit to TankNutDave on Youtube for this video).



The New Vanguard title Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower chronicles the development of the menacing beast, with tank expert David Fletcher – of The Tank Museum, Bovington, – examining the dramatic effects of these tanks in use in France after D-Day up to the Korean War. With a number of detailed artwork and previously unpublished photographs, this title is perfect for those wanting to learn more about one of the most dangerous and deadly tanks of the twentieth century. As this title is included in the ‘Try Osprey’ promotion, you can get it for only 99p/$1.99 in ePub and PDF format!