Our February book vote brings us a selection of potential Men-at-Arms series books, combining customer suggestions with some ideas from series editor Martin Windrow.

MAA - Armies of the First Carlist War 1833-40
MAA - Napoleon's Women Camp-Followers
MAA - French Naval & Colonial Troops 1816-71
MAA - French Naval & Colonial Troops 1871-1914
MAA - Italian Colonial Troops 1883-1943

To help you make your decision, here is a brief description of what the editor thinks each title could cover. These are very early ideas and as such are subject to change.

MAA - Armies of the First Carlist War 1833-40

This first of a series of 19th-century Spanish civil wars was fought between the conservative 'Carlists' of Prince Carlos, and the more liberal 'Cristinos/ Isabellinos' supporting the Queen Regent Maria Cristina and Princess Isabella. Though mostly fought in the Basque provinces, Aragon and Catalonia, this long war saw large armies ranging over a wide area, and involved sizeable French and British 'volunteer legions' in the Queen's army.

MAA - Napoleon's Women Camp-Followers

For the first time, a deeply researched account of the cantinieres who played a vital (and officially regulated) part in the campaign life of Napoleon's armies. Although their role is often dismissed, these were the necessary sutleresses, laundresses and unofficial bankers for the common soldiers. Apart from detailing their organized role in the army's logistics, this lavishly illustrated book recounts many individual stories.

MAA - French Naval & Colonial Troops:  (1)  1816-71

The Troupes de la Marine were always a separate branch distinct from the French Army, with their own organization and uniforms and a reputation for toughness and self-reliance.   In the early and mid 19th century they garrisoned overseas possessions and mounted expeditions in the West Indies, West Africa, the Indian Ocean and Pacific -  even in the Crimea, Italy, Mexico and China -  and provided an army corps for the Franco-Prussian War.

MAA - French Naval & Colonial Troops: (2) 1871-1914

In this period the Troupes de la Marine/ Troupes Coloniales spearheaded French empire-building in West Africa and South-East Asia, not only providing expeditionary infantry and artillery, but raising and leading a wide range of the colonial 'Tirailleurs' regiments that would become famous as France's 'force noire'. This second volume thus offers an even greater diversity of uniforms.

MAA - Italian Colonial Troops 1883-1943

Italy's bid for overseas possessions began in the Horn of Africa in the late 19th century (a theatre of war to which Italy returned in the 1930s), and spread over the Libyan desert shortly before World War I. Like the other European powers, Italy raised colourfully uniformed native regiments in her colonies, and these were still in the service of Mussolini's Fascist regime until its collapse in September 1943.

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Now lets look back at last month's Book Vote, in which a selection of New Vanguard books battled it out for your vote:

NVG: South American Dreadnoughts 26%
NVG: The Modern Chinese Navy 21%
NVG: Soviet Fast Missile Boats of the Cold War 20%
NVG: The Royal Scots Navy 18%
NVG: Fireships and Hellburners 15%

In a close fought contest it was the New Vanguard book on South American Dreadnoughts that emerged victorious, but with only 6% separating the top three it is clear that there was also a great deal of interest in The Modern Chinese Navy and Soviet Fast Missile Boats of the Cold War.