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ACE: Aces of Jasta 21  

ACE: Kittyhawk Aces of the Pacific

ACE: F4U Corsair Aces of VF-17

ACE: F6F Hellcat Aces over the Philippines

ACE: Japanese Floatplane Fighter Aces              

Aces of Jasta 21

A crack fighter squadron that claimed more than 140 victories in just 11 months, Jasta 21 was a Royal Saxon Jagdstaffel that was led into action by a series of high-scoring aces. It flew all the key German fighter types in World War 1, namely the Albatros D II, D III, D V and D Va and Fokker D VII, as well as the more obscure Pfalz D III and D IIIa. 


Kittyhawk Aces of the Pacific

In the Pacific theatre the Kittyhawk first saw service in the desperate defence of Port Moresby in New Guinea in early 1942 and later in the year in blunting the Japanese offensive at Milne Bay where they proved the decisive factor. The squadrons were in part manned by many successful aces from the desert and Europe.


F4U Corsair Aces of VF-17

VF-17 played a major part in defeating Imperial Japanese Naval Air Force air power in the South Pacific defending stronghold ‘Fortress Rabaul’. Lt Cdr Tom Blackburn always stressed teamwork and led a group of high spirited and aggressive pilots to a Navy Unit Commendation, making the ‘Skull and Crossbones’ squadron one of the most successful fighter units in the annals of air warfare.


F6F Hellcat Aces over the Philippines

The U.S. Navy’s Fast Carrier Task Force participated in the campaign to liberate the Philippines from October 1944 to January 1945, engaging in intensive air combat over the Philippine Islands and attacking Japanese Navy and Army Air units in Formosa in support of the campaign, until the Army Air Force could establish bases in the Philippines. The Navy’s carrier fighter squadrons destroyed more aircraft over the Philippines and Formosa during this period than in any other campaign.


Japanese Floatplane Fighter Aces 

The Imperial Japanese Naval Air Force (IJNAF) placed great faith in floatplane fighters during World War 2, using the aircraft to support amphibious operations and defend remote bases during campaigns in Southeast Asia, the Dutch East Indies, the Aleutians and the Southwest Pacific.


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Last month we asked you what would you like to see published in our Duel series. Thank you to everyone who voted and provided feedback, the full results are listed below!


DUE: Athenian Trireme vs Persian Trireme: 509–449 BC  38%
DUE: SdKfz 251 Halftrack vs US M3 halftrack: 1941-45  23%
DUE: USN Fleet Destroyer vs IJN Fleet Submarine, 1942-45  11%
DUE: German 7.5cm KwK 37 gun vs Soviet 76.2mm gun: Eastern Front, 1941–43  12%
DUE: US Armor vs RPG: Vietnam 1965–73  16%


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