By now, many of you will be aware of Frostgrave, the award-winning fantasy skirmish wargame written by Joseph A. McCullough. Some of you will already be exploring the frozen ruins of Felstad, but for those of you who haven’t started your adventure yet, here is what you need to get started!

The Book

The first thing you need is the book itself. The Frostgrave range has plenty of supplements that add new elements to the game, but to get started all you need is the core rulebook. This gives you everything you need to get your Wizard and their warband into the frozen ruins.  

Miniature figures

Miniatures, or figures, are basically toy soldiers, made out of metal or plastic. Official Frostgrave miniatures are available, and provide options for all the wizards and warband members in the game. Other rangers can be found at most gaming stores or ordered online, so you should have little trouble finding miniatures to represent your wizard and their warband.

A mix of official Frostgrave miniatures and figures from other producers. Use whatever minis you want!

Frostgrave was designed for use with 28mm miniatures, which is the most common size. Larger and smaller miniatures are available and it is perfectly acceptable to use those instead (as long as your opponent does as well!), but you might want to adjust the game’s measurements accordingly.

A Table

Frostgrave can be played on most household tables. In general, square tables work best, with 3’ by 3’ being the optimum size for most games. That said, a 2’ by 2’ table will work for a quick game, and 4’ by 4’ will make for a very impressive game.


To get the full effect of Frostgrave it is necessary to cover a large portion of the table with terrain to represent the ruins of the city. Ideal terrain pieces would be ruined model buildings, which can either be constructed out of cardboard, balsa wood and the like or bought from a number of retailers as kits or ready-made pieces.


A fantastic table set up from the three-part series with MustContainMinis and Guerrilla Miniature Games. We all dream of playing on a table like this, but there are plenty of things you can use as terrain for your games.

Of course, if you’re just starting out in tabletop wargaming, you might not have a large collection of terrain. That’s fine – just grab some wooden blocks, books, and whatever else you’ve got laying around to serve as your terrain for now! You can also download some free printable terrain from our Gaming Resources page.

If you want to give your table the feel of the frozen ruins of Felstad, the official Frostgrave playmat from Pwork Wargames is a great way to transform a plain wooden tabletop into a snowy town.

A couple of twenty-sided dice

Like many games, Frostgrave uses dice to determine the outcome of actions. Frostgrave uses a die with twenty sides. At minimum, you really want two twenty-sided dice to play. Again, these dice are easily obtainable at gaming stores or online.

If you can't get your hands on the dice, there are plenty of online resources that allow you to roll a virtual D20

The Wizard Sheet

You will find the Wizard Sheet in the back of the book, or you can download a copy from our Gaming Resources page!

You’ll also need a tape measure or ruler in inches, and a pencil to keep track of how your Wizards and their warband get on!


With that, you'll be ready to head into the frozen ruins. Good luck, and be sure to let us know how you get on!