Are you looking for the stocking filler for someone this Christmas? With just over a week left of our up to 40% off sale, we've put together a guide to books included in the sale that make great – and highly affordable – gifts for any military enthusiast.


Spotters Guides

Ship Spotter's Guide

Tank Spotter's Guide 

Loco Spotter's Guide

Plane Spotter's Guide

How do you tell a Tiger tank from a Panzer IV?  A Hurricane from a Spitfire? Our popular Spotter’s Guides, featuring fantastic collections of ship, tank and aircraft profiles presented in bite-sized chunks, have the answer. For each machine of war you’ll find the history, specifications and picture-perfect artwork, neatly presented in an attractive, compact package. 


Pocket Manuals

The SAS Pocket Manual Spitfire Lancaster Pocket Manual HMS Belfast

Using a series of authentic period sources such as training manuals, wartime pamphlets, log books and design plans, each Pocket Manual provides a unique history of some the most famous ships, aircraft, soldiers and spies in history. Cramming masses of fascinating information into a handy pocket format, these beautifully bound books make perfect stocking fillers.


Illustrated Histories in Small Formats – perfect stocking-fillers



Rome at War 

The Vikings

Warriors by Martin Windrow

This splendid collection of artwork illustrates 100 of the most famous combatants from all the ages of military history, bringing them to life in incredible colour and detail. From the gleaming plate armour of the Roman legionaries to the sleek gear of modern special ops forces, this is the premier gift-sized guide to the appearance of history’s greatest warriors.


Rome at War

Richly illustrated in colour with artwork, maps and images bringing the world of Roman warfare to vivid life, this compact volume tells the fascinating story of Rome’s fighting men and the major conflicts that shaped (and shattered) the world’s greatest empire.


The Vikings by René Chartrand, Keith Durham, Mark Harrison, Ian Heath

The history of the Vikings is bloody and eventful, and Viking warriors capture the popular imagination to this day. Beautifully illustrated with colour photographs and original Osprey artwork, this book presents a new window into their way of life.


There are many other titles on offer. Check out our previous gift guide for more ideas!