A huge thank you to everyone who joined us at AwShux Spring last weekend. We had an incredible time and we are glad to see everyone getting involved with tabletop games even if we cannot get together in person. With so many different videos going out over the last few days, we wanted to make sure that no one missed a thing. So here's our video round-up from our various designers and artists who joined us.

Shut Up & Sit Down - Imperium Preview

As part of their weekend Card Games preview series, SU&SD took an early look at what is in store for Imperium players next month with an early preview video.

Imperium: Classics Solo Play-Through

Our very own Filip Hartelius played the innovative solo mode from Imperium: Classics in an exclusive preview.

Solo Modes - Game Designer interview with David Turczi & David Digby

Anthony Howgego spoke to influential solo game designers David Turczi (Anachrony, Cerebria) & David Digby (Merv: The Heart of the Silk Road, Concordia) about solo game modes. Focusing on Undaunted: Reinforcements as well as Imperium, they discussed what makes solo modes challenging to work on and how to make them engaging for players.

Undaunted: Reinforcements Designers Preview - David Thompson & Trever Benjamin

For the upcoming release of Undaunted: Reinforcements in Autumn 2021, Emily Neat spoke with designers, David Thompson & Trever Benjamin. This sneak preview takes a close look behind-the-scenes of the game and explores what is ahead for the series.



The Silver Bayonet - Art Time-Lapse 

Specially for Aw Shux weekend, we commissioned a time-lapse illustration by Brainbug Design for the upcoming release of The Silver Bayonet. Brainbug Design have been working on the Joseph A. McCullough war game that launches in October and this was an early, detailed look at their art that features in the book.

We had a blast this past weekend and we hope that we can see you all soon at a convention in real life!