In February we will be publishing Jackals, a roleplaying game of Bronze Age sword and sorcery written by John-Matthew DeFoggi. On the blog today we’re joining JM and a group of adventurers as they start their journey, courtesy of the Iconic Production YouTube channel.

This adventure was played across 4 episodes, and you can find links to the next one at the bottom of each page. We’re starting with Episode 1: The Evil Eye.

Rumors and whispers are the coin that line a Jackal pack's coin purse. Rumors give direction to a Jackal's steps. Two rumors rise to the surface. Sentem has refused to trade tin to the western end of the war road and the town of Bet-el has been suffering from a mysterious series of hardships. Trouble stirs and the Jackals are called to bring the peace as always. The pack will have to hunt out the source of these woes and then survive the journey there.


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Want to preorder your copy of Jackals: Bronze Age Fantasy Roleplaying? You can find it here.

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