This month's book vote sees five land-based New Vanguard titles battling for your vote. Read the full descriptions and cast your vote by clicking on the link below. Plus, check out the results of last month's Campaign book vote below. 


NVG: Soviet Tanks in Manchuria 1945

NVG: Beutepanzers

NVG: Coalition Armour in Iraq 2003–11

NVG: PT-76 Amphibious Tank

NVG: Iron Dome Missile System 2011–21


Soviet Tanks in Manchuria 1945

The last blitzkrieg of World War II was overshadowed by the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yet the USSR’s entry into the war against Japan was an impressively planned and executed set-piece campaign led by thousands of tanks. The Red Army smashed Japan’s Kwangtung Army and drove hundreds of miles inside Japanese-held territory in a matter of days. While the campaign was largely ignored in the West for decades, it was important for the development of Soviet doctrine and plans as the Cold War dawned, as the Red Army used the very successful Manchuria experience to plan for rapid, armour-led warfare against the West.



A distinctive part of the German Army’s armour in World War II was its extensive use of captured tanks, not just for testing but in combat. This book would examine their modifications and use, from the campaigns in the West when hundreds of British and French tanks fell into German hands, to the invasion of the USSR when Soviet T-26s, BTs, and others unwillingly joined the Wehrmacht.


Coalition Armour in Iraq 2003–11

The biggest deployment of Western armour in recent decades saw the Coalition’s high-tech tanks and AFVs pitted against asymmetric foes, from the Thunder Runs of the invasion to the endless battles during the occupation against IEDs. This book would explore the range of vehicles deployed, their roles, modifications, and doctrine, and how they performed on a battlefield that the Coalition armies did not expect.


PT-76 Amphibious Tank

The standard reconnaissance tank of the Warsaw Pact, the PT-76 amphibious tank was developed in the 1950s. Thousands were built and many exported to Soviet allies around the world. Among other Cold War conflicts, the PT-76 saw action in the Vietnam War, the Indo-Pakistan wars, and the Arab-Israeli wars, and more recently in the Iraq wars, the former Yugoslavia and Chechnya.


Iron Dome Missile System 2011–21

Designed to destroy in flight short-range rockets and artillery shells fired from Israel’s neighbours and the Palestinian territories, the development of the Iron Dome missile defence system was one of the most remarkable military development programmes of recent years. Development had to be low-cost and rapid, and it needed to produce a system that was extremely quick to acquire, track and kill targets, while also being cheap enough to fire frequently – with the interceptors famously relying on electric motors from a toy car. In less than four years Iron Dome was operational, and the system is now being further developed and produced with US partners and for further roles, including a naval variant.




Last month, we asked you what you would like to see published in our Campaign series. Thank you to everyone who voted and provided feedback. The results were very close, check out the full results below to find out more!


CAM: The Battle of Cynoscephalae 197 BC  13%
CAM: The Anglo-Norman Invasion of Ireland 1169–77  28%
CAM: The First Battle of Panipat 1526  14%
CAM: The Siege of Tsingtao and the Cruise of SMS Emden 1914  21%
CAM: The Kokoda Track 1942  23%


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