The Ana-Sin-Emid Report is the first adventure for 'Those Dark Places: Industrial Science Fiction Roleplaying'. Available on DriveThruRPG on April 16th, this new adventure will take fans to the darkest depths of space to face mysterious unknown foes. Written by the original designer Jonathan Hicks, this module is set to expand the sci-fi horror world of the original game and add new story for players to explore.

'About an hour ago the Deep Space Transport Vessel Ana-Sin-Emid dropped out of FTL and has been steadily coasting to the outer marker. There has been no communication from the vessel or any responses to hails and the staging nature of the deceleration has the signs of being automated.

The Deep Space Reconnaissance Vessel Grahams is on dock C. Be ready to launch within the hour. Get on board the Ana-Sin-Emid, get to the bridge and report back to us. The outer marker is an AU out so it should only take you a day to get there. We’ll have a fully-equipped support ship loaded and ready to follow in about 12 hours, but you’re our first response to help and, if possible, lay a salvage claim.’


Find out more on Jonathan Hick's game design blog here.

Requires a copy of Those Dark Places, available here.

Ana-Sin-Emid Report Cover