Crescendo of Violence is out now! Can't wait to get stuck in? We've got four completed sample character sheets for you based on Andrew Thompson’s striking illustrations from the book. Whether you're looking to choose one for yourself and get a game on the table as soon as you can - or to find inspiration for your own creations - read on to take a look...


An illustration of a woman with a shaven head and elegant earrings and bracelets, stood in front off a grand piano on a stage before a packed audience; her neck is metallic and cybernetically enhanced, and a small circular machine hovers beside her head.


Tiff grew up in a rundown home in a shady area of the Port East district, scrounging and stealing to survive. Accidentally targeting the gangs was stupid, but things seem to have panned out okay. They took her in, and she regularly gets jobs singing for their evening’s entertainment. Sometimes, after a good performance, she’ll be gifted some new cybernetics to enhance her abilities. Although she welcomes the protection this brings, it never feels safe surrounded by volatile gang members, and there are sure to be some jealous folks out for her.


 A man with a scar over one eye and a cigar in his hand sat at a gambling table with notes, coins and a drink stacked up in front of him. Two slender mechanical arms extend from inside his jacket and hold a wad of cash.


Ruthless, cold-hearted and with an eye for a deal, Corvin was a big name in the Oldani crime family. His uncanny luck made him a shoe-in for the illegal gambling rackets they were running, but luck can only get you so far. For Corvin, gambling became an obsession that ended with him siphoning money off for his own use. So far, his smooth talking and knack for misrepresenting the truth have kept Corvin safe, but it’s only a matter of time.


A man in a jacket with a police badge on the shoulder inspecting some data on a holographic tablet. He wears brightly-coloured, close-fitting shades and one of his hands is metallic and cybernetic.


Seth was made to be part of Neo York’s riot police, quite literally. As a Bioroid, he was designed to be a fierce yet economical killer, taking care of things when common people disliked how the city was run. Over time however, as his AI became more advanced, Seth became uncomfortable with the target of his violence. He switched to being a bounty hunter, mostly for the police and sometimes for private citizens, hunting down those who had wronged others. His manner may be a little stiff, but helping people is his new primary function.


 An illustration of a woman in a vest with a cybernetic arm suspended from cables as she works on her currently detached mechanical legs.


The past few years for Jamarion have been hunkered down in a safehouse, taking various hacking jobs and tweaking her cybernetics. Her upbringing, however, was quite the opposite: raised in Avon, her mother had a senior job in Hudson Capital. Finance and economics were never for her, though. She was only interested in the WETnet. Her parents think she is off studying mathematics in Greater Chicago due to the manipulated data they get from her Lifehack, which leaves Jamarion to tinker to her heart’s content.


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 An illustration of a woman firing two guns mid-air, next to the quote: "An action-packed, high-octane, and improvisational gun-fu roleplaying experience set in a cybered-up retro-future dystopia."