Written by Joseph A. McCullough & Illustrated by aRU-MOR

"Frostgrave: The Wildwoods is a supplement that grew in the writing. My original plan was just to cover adventuring through the forest that sits to one side of the Frozen City, but by the time I had finished, it covered expeditions across the entire region - over mountains, through bogs, across ice-covered plains, and amidst the tall, snow-covered trees. I hope players will enjoy the new challenges presented in the book, and that it adds a whole new, unique chapter to the stories of their wizards."
Joseph A. McCullough

This supplement brings a new dimension to games of Frostgrave, allowing players to lead expeditions into the wilderness north of the city, searching for undiscovered ruins and facing the perils of the Wildwoods.

For years, spellcasters have flocked to the Frozen City, braving the perils of its ruins in the hunt for relics and forgotten magic. While the city still holds many such secrets, newly arrived wizards must delve deeper and fight harder to make their mark. A few turn from the city, seeking instead the remote settlements that surrounded ancient Felstad. Such expeditions are not without their own dangers, however – in the vast forests of the Wildwoods, death lurks in the empty cookpot and torn waterskin, in the cold of night and the looming storm, and in the teeth and claws of the beast behind the next tree…

This supplement for Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City takes players beyond the ruins with rules for running expeditions in search of secret places and forgotten treasures in the dark Wildwoods. New soldiers and magic items may improve wizards’ chances of survival, but dwindling supplies, the hostile environment, and terrifying new creatures will push them to their limits in a range of scenarios set in these deep, foreboding forests.

"An absolute triumph of a supplement...
the gold standard for how best to expand upon a gaming system"

- TechRaptor review

Frostgrave: The Wildwoods is out now in the US and UK.

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