Written by Alan Bahr
Illustrated by Peter Johnston

"Heirs to Heresy: Faith & Fear is an exciting addition to the ever-growing and unfolding mysteries of
Heirs to Heresy! Players and Grandmasters alike are in for a slew of new options that will enhance
and expand the conspiracy-laden stories they're telling at their tables!
– Alan Bahr

A supplement for Heirs to Heresy, introducing new knightly orders, mighty relics, mysteries, and foes both mortal and supernatural.

The shadow that hangs over Europe, already dark, is growing ever darker. Branded a heretic and turned fugitive, you are on the run. Your enemies are many, your friends few… and trust scarce. The knightly orders with whom you once fought side-by-side – the Hospitallers, Teutonics, and others – are potential allies but, having witnessed your cruel fate, do they still keep faith with the Templars or have they fallen to doubt and fear?

Heirs to Heresy: Faith & Fear is a supplement for the roleplaying game of the fall of the Knights Templar that unfolds like the labyrinthine Templar conspiracies themselves. Previously unknown foes stalk city streets and forest paths alike, while unexpected allies come to the fore in the form of new playable knightly orders. Ancient relics and new mysteries abound, allowing players to dive more deeply into this dark, mythic Europe, while rules for strongholds and spy networks present them with opportunities to exploit or challenges to overcome.

Faith & Fear is out now in the UK and 23rd January in the US.

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