The Osprey Games February sale is here! Save up to 40% across our range of board games, wargames and roleplaying games until the end of the month...

Our sale, running until 28th February, covers all our games except pre-orders. With 30% off games and print books, and 40% off ebooks, there's no better time to dive into our award-winning range and pick up everything from classics to hidden gems. Don't know where to start? We've gathered together some choice recommendations for board games, wargames *and* RPGs - so read on to get some inspiration and start browsing today.



An image with text reading "Osprey Games February Sale up to 40% off" next to the cover art for the board games Undaunted; Stalingrad and Cryptid: Urban Legends, respectively showing a female WW2 sniper against a ruined cityscape and a huge mothman hiding behind a tower block


Lead your stalwart troops to victory in this epic two-player campaign,
played out in the war's most infamous city.

£90 £63 // $120 $84



A determined scientist hunts for an elusive cryptid in this
tense asymmetric deduction game for two players.

£20 £14 // $30 $21



An image with text reading "Osprey Games February Sale up to 40% off" alongside the Stargrave and Lion Rampant: Second Edition books. The Stargrave cover shows a sci-fi crew battling a giant robot, and the Lion Rampant cover shows a mounted knight charging under a lion banner.


A skirmish wargame set in a dangerous galaxy where players command a small crew of adventurers
hunting for loot, while trying not to call too much attention to their activities.

PRINT £25 £17.50 // $35 $24.50

DIGITAL £17.50 £10.50 // $24.50 $14.70



An expanded edition of the Origins Award-nominated Lion Rampant,
featuring new rules, scenarios, and sample armies.

PRINT £20 £114 // $30 $21

DIGITAL £14 £8.40 // $21 $12.60



An image with text reading "Osprey Games February Sale up to 40% off" alongside the Heirs to Heresy and Hard City books. The Heirs to Heresy cover art shows a knight templar looming over a castle in a tapestry-like style. The Hard City cover shows a woman in a classic 1920s detective's trench coat and fedora next to a man with an old-fashioned camera, all stylised like a black-and-white photograph.


Designed by bestselling and award-winning roleplaying game designer Alan Bahr, Heirs to Heresy is a roleplaying game of powerful Knights Templar escaping from a cruel world that has branded them heretics.

PRINT £25 £17.50 // $35 $24.50

DIGITAL £17.50 £10.50 // $24.50 $14.70



A roleplaying game of mystery and hardboiled action in a city that never sleeps.

PRINT £17.99 £12.59 // $25 $17.50

DIGITAL £12.59 £7.55 // $17.50 $10.50


And this is only a tiny sample of the amazing deals we have on offer here on our website! Head over to the Osprey Games page to start exploring for yourself and find just the right game for you...