"This one’s for Phil, the man in charge of Osprey Games. Back when I worked at Osprey, I had many long conversations with Phil and learned that one of his pet hates was the overuse of apostrophes in the names of science-fiction characters*. So, when I developed the rogues’ gallery for Dead or Alive, I knew I wanted to include a character with not one, but two apostrophes in his name! Just to make him slightly more relatable, I also gave him a nickname, ‘the Lifeleach’. I think they’ve got a nice ring if you put them together. It’s the nickname that really allowed the character to fully form in my mind, as this reaper-like figure who prowls the universe bringing death for reasons no one can fathom."

- Joseph A. McCullough, creator of Stargrave

* Editor’s Note: I also hate the overuse of the letters X and Z… This name could, honestly, be a lot worse!


An illustration of a strange, ghost-like alien with antlers, claws, bony skin and a skull-like face


Bounty: 315cr

At various times and in various places, D’n’xis has been called the ‘lifeleach’, the ‘corpsewalker’,
the ‘deathshroud’, and more. He is a figure from children’s nightmares, a pale, corpse-like
being, who passes like a ghost and brings death to all those he touches. Most of D’n’xis’s
crimes, which are generally murder or mass murder, are committed without clear motive. He
just appears, kills, and vanishes. Anyone who kills D’n’xis will not only be able to claim the
bounty but will likely receive free drinks in bars all across the galaxy!

D’n’xis radiates death; any crew member that activates within 6” of D’n’xis must make
a Will Roll (TN14) or immediately suffer 2 points of damage. Whenever he activates,
D’n’xis regains up to 2 points of lost Health. D’n’xis is permanently shrouded in a cloak
of shadows. No one can draw line of sight to D’n’xis if they are more than 6” away.

The stat table for D'n'xis the Lifeleach from Stargrave: Dead or Alive


For D'N'Xis' complete profile, including his unique Action Priority List, along with a whole host of other Marks to hunt – not to mention new Settings for your scenarios and new Complications to test your crew – get your copy of Stargrave: Dead or Alive.

Stargrave: Dead or Alive is out June 27th in the UK and July 23rd in the US.

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