Stargrave: Dead or Alive is out in the UK today! here's Everything you need to know about the new solo bounty-hunting supplement...

"It’s true that whenever I read my own title, I think of the Bon Jovi song, just replacing ‘Wanted’ with ‘Stargrave’. Perhaps that dates me. Anyway, I am delighted to get this book into the hands of players. While I wrote the basics of Dead or Alive back when Stargrave was first released, even then I felt it was somehow incomplete. I’ve always wanted to return to it and expand it, taking it from a fun little pamphlet into a full-fledged book filled with so many different villains, settings, and strange complications that even hardcore players will never exhaust its possibilities! So, grab that wanted poster and bring in these outlaws any way you can!"

- Joseph A. McCullough, creator of Stargrave


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Written by Joseph A. McCullough
Illustrated by Biagio D'Alessandro

Stargrave supplement devoted to generating and running solo scenarios in which players hunt bounties across the Ravaged Galaxy… or perhaps become hunted themselves!

It's hard to live with a price on your head, especially in the Ravaged Galaxy, where bounty hunters can be found on every planet. Most are amateurs, folk with a gun and an eye for a payday, but some are deadly professionals. A few aren't even motivated by the reward, but by vengeance, redemption, some notion of justice, or the pure thrill of the hunt. They're the truly dangerous ones. No matter what drives them, once a new bounty is posted, the hounds take up the chase and, more often than not, it all ends in violence…

Dead or Alive gives Stargrave players all the tools they need to generate solo bounty-hunting scenarios, including a variety of different settings and locations, a host of complications to be faced, and, of course, a large rogues' gallery of unique outlaws. With the random scenario generators in this volume, players can set up a great number of games of Stargrave with no two being the same… all without an opponent!


Stargrave: Dead or Alive is out now the UK and July 23rd in the US.

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