The Pacific War brings together the perspectives and insights of world-renowned military historians.

From the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor through the release of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the conflict in the Pacific was marked by amazing tactical innovations, such as those in amphibious warfare, and horrific battles that raged in the unforgiving climate of the island jungles.

Each chapter in this book focuses on a different aspect of this conflict, from the planning of operations to the experiences of the men who were there.

Table of Contents


Pearl Harbor by Carl Smith
Coral Sea by Mark Stille
Midway by Mark Stille
Guadalcanal by Joseph Mueller
Tarawa by Derrick Wright
Marshall Islands by Gordon L. Rottman
Peleliu by Jim Moran and Gordon L. Rottman
Leyte Gulf by Bernard Ireland
Iwo Jima by Derrick Wright
Okinawa by Gordon L. Rottman


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Published Mar 15 2011
Format Ebook (PDF)
Edition 1st
Extent 264
ISBN 9781849086936
Imprint Osprey Publishing
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

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Daniel Marston

Daniel Marston is the Director of the Secretary of…


Dennis Showalter

Dennis Showalter was Professor of History at Color…


Ken Kotani


Tomoyuki Ishizu


David Horner

David Horner is an emeritus professor at the Strat…


Richard Frank


Hedley Wilmott


Theodore Cook


Robert Love


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